​We also tend to provide internship opportunities to students of diverse backgrounds in the field of legal research, policy analysis, content writing, legal awareness, and social responsibility.

Our blog publishes articles throughout the year and we focus on mentoring and guiding every student in order to accommodate everyone who wishes to submit their writings.

Our journal is an online bi-annual journal with a summer and winter edition. The Journal revolves around any Socio-legal Topic and is not strictly restricted to any particular field of law but promotes interdisciplinary research entailing detailed study of law with other disciplines in the contemporary era.​



Going digital helps in reducing excess paper waste and save trees. Use paperless options for bills, print and write on both sides of the paper, send big files in PDF format, replace sticky notes and notepads with whiteboards to reduce the impact on our trees.

We believe in preserving the environment and thereby have decided to work towards the Sustainable development goals of the United Nations as well as the Digital India initiative by the Government of India and thereby we do not provide any printed certificates/manuscripts/ journal copies etc


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