“Boisterous As Wind, Playful As Balloon,

Please Don’T Kill The Little Butterfly In Her Cocoon.”


The Beti Bachao Beti Padhao is a government social scheme that was launched by the Prime Minister Narendra Modi to address the gender imbalance and discrimination against girl child in the Indian society.Beti Bachao Beti Padhao scheme was launched on 22nd of January in 2015 in Panipat Haryana on Thursday this scheme is to make people aware about the importance of girls in our society. It is an initiative to increase awareness among common people to save the lives of girl child by completely removing the female foeticide in our society. It was launched by the Modi government regarding safety and protection of the girl child all through the community. Beti Bachao Beti Padao scheme was the urgent need for today’s women empowerment.


The scheme of Beti Bachao Beti Padao program is based in the whole country. It is an effective campaign to save the girl child and educate the girl child all over the society. BBBP scheme is run by the Government of India with the aim of spreading awareness as well as improving the efficien of welfare services for the girls throughout the society.The census of 1991, the number of girl child in the age group 0-6 years in India was 945 per 1,000 boys. It was reduced to 927 girls/1,000 boys in 2001 and 918 girls/1,000 boys in 2011 According this India was ranked at 41st number country among 195 countries by the UNICEF in 2012 it’s a huge level of decline in the number of girls was the indication of lack of women empowerment in the country of India. The huge reduction in girl child number was because of the pre-birth discrimination gender biased sex selection post birth gender inequality, crimes against women, etc social issues this trend of ever declining child sex ratio in the country has given rise to the necessity of this programme in India.


  • It focuses on the survival, protection and higher education of the girl child in our society.

  • It ensure empowerment of women through higher education and equal participation in all the working fields in our society.

  • It also prevent gender biased sex selective elimination of girl child in our country.

  • Upgrade the status of girl child all over India especially in the selected districts of our country.

  • All the government scheme working jointly together for the welfare of the girl child in terms of jobs , education etc.

Beti Bachao Beti Padhao is a Scheme ensure :-

In these days situation the feminine sex magnitude relation is decreasing on petrifying level in our country. India at the highest of this declining magnitude relation. underneath the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao primarily feminine and male sex magnitude relation has been centered upon and major steps are being taken towards the interference of gender discrimination in our society.

The survival associate degreed protection of ladies in our country each day you'll be able to scan the news within the newspapers that a feminine embryo of an unhatched female child was found dead within the mud bin wrapped in newspapers or close to the railroad terminal etc it shows somewhere some sick mind-set prevails in our society in India Beti Bachao Beti Padhao theme may be a immense step within the direction of stopping this follow and guaranteeing the existence and safety of each kid.


Beti Bachao Beti Padao campaign was started to aim at the development in our country and a bringing empowerment to the girls so that they become a proud citizen of our country without any discrimination from our society.

Steps That should be taken by the country :-

· Training of new women entrepreneurs in our country

· Gir lChild Community mobilization and sensitization in our society.

· In the participation of gender support by the industries etc.

· To Increase in institutional deliveries for every girl child.

· The registration of births in our society.

· To establish of monitoring committees Steps by the Ministry of Human Resource Development of India.

· To calculate the universal enrolment of girls all over the country.

· In calculate reducing the dropout rate among girls throughout the society.

· Being friendly amiable behavior towards the girls inside the schools.

· Enforce Right to Education (RTE) Act of India to encourage the girls to study.


Governance in districts

The civil society staff engaged in addressing problems like feminine foeticide, education, and welfare services for females should often meet and chart out action plans with Divisional Commissioner and alternative representatives. they need to even be supported by native police, members of general assembly, and alternative potent folks.

Changes in the administration

Even if relationship measure developed at the governance level, these officers usually get transferred quickly and officers, organization employees, and volunteers and help in education then they develop new relationships local officers are usually frequently transferred and new appointed officers want time to be educated and hypersensitive to the wants of woman kids in their several districts in the areas.

Influencing over marriage

Despite the feel good nature of the campaign having immediate attractiveness and a connect a deeper downside still persists an obsession with obtaining women married as before long as doable, ideally to individuals in their own castes and sects as a result a woman's larger role in life isn't a career, however to be a subservient married woman. This mentality is that the basis of considering girls inferior therefore wedding could be a major responsibility for families both socially and economically several of them resort to feminine foeticide thinking that a small girl can sway be a burden and can bring no price within the social unit they're born in therefore, should reach creating , brothers and proud Indian to be happy with a woman's autonomy.

Inefficient allocation and release of funds

While it's definitely essential to undertake media campaigns and community reach activities for ever changing social group attitudes these activities ought to be balanced with the remaining objectives of the theme notably of accelerating feminine college incoming and group action guaranteeing improvement in girls’ nutrition standing and enhancing girls’ access to improved sanitation facilities there's a desire to extend allocations for education and Further state task forces ought to be authorised to arrange expenditures in consultation with district task forces, responding to native desires.


Girl Child Beneficiaries Ø All the women upto ten years mature area unit eligible underneath this theme. it's necessary to open checking account in their name. Tax Free theme. Ø This welfare theme launched by the Prime Minister has been set unbroken utterly tax free. No quantity are subtracted from your account once gap it. Documents needed Here could be a list of documents needed to use for Beti Bachao Beti Padhao: • Birth Certificate issued by the hospital or a recognized government body • Proof of Identity of the Parents- Aadhaar Card, card, etc. • Proof of Address- Passport, permit, Utility bills like water, telephone, electricity etc • Passport size photograph a way to Apply for the scheme? Follow the given steps to induce registered underneath the Beti Bachao Beti Padhao benefits: • Visit the bank or post workplace where the theme is out there • Obtain and Fill the appliance kind for BBBP/SSA • The kind is to be crammed manually and connected with all the specified documents • Submit the documents to constant bank/post workplace. The account should be opened within the name of the lady kid Note: This account is simply transferred from one bank/post workplace account to a different bank/post workplace account.


BBBP mission emphasises on safeguarding and strengthening the rights of girl child. People are becoming more sensitive as the number of women in india are being recognition to the state and becoming common on International level the people thoughts should stop discriminating between the girl and the boy and support each the genders equally in our society.Beti Bachao Beti Padao programme is to get rid of the social biases favoring the society still as rising the standing of girl child through safety and education the theme isn't a medication solidifying a illness but it's a confirmatory set up. This scheme often triple-crown only if it'll be supported by the whole nation there's got to modification to the mentality of mindset of the people

In this manner a woman will be associate degree freelance entity and not a burden over her parents. Those who still discriminate between a woman and a boy ,however the very fact is that a woman is not any less from a boy women in reality are bringing recognition to its family and nation as a full in each field together with sports, politics, recreation, company world, wrestling, and also in a lot of other things. Beti Bachao Beti Padhao will be successful only if we start teaching the girls to take their decisions on their own of their lives.


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