This article has been written by Himja Singh, a student at Manipal University, Jaipur

Domestic violence has taken a turn for the worse during the pandemic, the lockdown which was implemented to keep us safe during COVID-19 did more harm than good as it left an mark on the woman which they won’t be able to wash or get a vaccine for it . India has recorded the highest number of domestic violence cases as compared to the last Ten years. There would be numerous numbers of cases which have not been filed by the woman as most of the women who goes through all of this hardship and never seek help or file’s any suit or cases against them.

On march 24 2020, the Prime minister of India announced a national lockdown to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus , with a fortnight the national commission of women reported increase in complaints of domestic violence cases. To help a national worldwide whatsapp number was launched by the NCW to provide a method for women to report domestic abuse. May 2020, increase in domestic violence complaints in red zone district was 131% higher than green zone districts with fewer restrictions.

Only 14%of women who have experienced violence seek help making it clear that figures of reported violence while there was an evident spike in the domestic violence cases in India at the point in time. Not many women came forward to report the particular incidents.

In a country where the third woman faces some form of domestic violence, where 52% of women and 48% of men thinks that its justified for a man to hit a women. Even though now in 2021 the lockdown has been lifted and the vaccines for the virus is here the woman who suffered during that time in their own house which they used to consider a safe haven can never look at herself or that place the same, COVID has taken a toll on every on whether it is small or huge but the harm that covid did during the early stages and the lockdown cannot be atoned for , the self-respect, the self-importance that once had during the lockdown before it happened is all gone now , the trauma and suffering that they went through no one should go through that .

Domestic Violence could be stopped or at least slowed down if the basic knowledge of the damage the violence done can do not just in the rural areas but also in the modern cities from the poorest to the riches the problem of violence’s are their whether they are registered or not .

Every second a women goes through this and it takes with a long time or so time the aggrieved women never gets out of the trauma that she went through and this needs to be stopped and atoned for .

"Any form of violence that’s been done is not justified and right."



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