This article has been written by Poorvi Priyadarsani Parida student at KIIT Law School.

One of the most engrossing yet loved games all over the world. Cricket has achieved a lot of attention these days. The growth is celebrated among all cricket lovers. But the question that rises while overlooking cricket as a universal game is about its accessibility. We all know that cricket can be played by every citizen. Then the major concern lies about the gender gap that is happening in the earning of female cricketers. There is an enormous number of lauding for cricket as one of the most riveting games. But what if the game is completely played by women. Will it gain the same popularity as men? There are so many questions regarding this that one must try to find a solution for clarity about the gender pay gap.


Why are Indian women cricketers always scared of asking a little more money for the hard work they do? Are they scared of losing their personalities or this game will not encourage their voices? Is this a topic of gender or sex prejudice? There are so many perplexions that are coming out because of women cricketers not getting equal opportunities to show their talent. We can also say that people identify cricket as a game of men. Or they don’t know that women equally participate in this game. Both men and women work hard, do practice, and invest their time in Cricket. Then why the gender pay gap is affecting women's part of work.

Have you ever heard women getting equal credits as men? Can you name some of the women cricketers without thinking twice? This may happen due to a lack of knowledge. Many people don’t recognize woman cricketers. The reason behind the gender pay gap is actually the different perspective. Perspective is one’s way of accepting and thinking about various aspects. People don’t give women equal respect as men. This is where omen lose the dignity of being a player. No doubt they receive the same structure of playing scopes. It can’t be denied that they also represent their nation.

But do they receive the same prestige? And why they are not able to deal with such fame and wealth. Have you ever heard of any women cricketer being the richest cricketer? This is due to human credence that affects other's live. People will accept the way they want things to be. A little difference in the happening of things will, make people complain, criticize or condemn. Here people need to change their mentality for being biased towards women cricketers that work equally as men.

Women need to step up for their own. Women can’t stay quiet avoiding the backlash that may hamper their lives. If we see the old records women have not got enough opportunity as of men. This is where they lack. If we cite an example then Australia has tried its best to unite both women and men cricketers.

This is why the revenue in return is better for both genders. We can definitely say that Indian women cricketers get so better amount of money as compared to other country’s women cricketers. But can’t deny the fact that the men Indian crickets get much more paid as compared to cricketers of other countries.


What do you under by the context of inequality? Inequality arises when there is an imbalance between two persons. Indian laws are always amended for public welfare. Here women being paid less is a concern for inequality that people are snubbing like they don’t care. Certain things are there are needs to take stand by the person itself going through it. Indian women cricketers don’t raise voice may be because they fear to not get heard or responded. But will it take them to the way for equality or them themselves promoting inequality for being not open up about it? There is so much women's talent that is hidden behind the male superior society. We always women are equal to men. But do we get the same response from each and every citizen? Do BCCI not seeing all these gender gaps killing so many talents. What can we expect an Indian parent to teach their daughter to grow? If that particular person knows that his daughter's struggle will not raise up because of being a woman. No one ever speaks up for anything that comes against the majority of humans. Then what is the requirement of freedom of speech and expression?

There are certain points that are required to be known and understood that will create an independent human. These are:

  • Equality comes from the perception

  • An independent human is actually independent by thoughts not by words

  • Human credence will determine human acts

These are very few points that one should learn to be called an independent citizen. Not getting twisted with all the politics. And not becoming the victim of domination and inequality. And the best one can do as a citizen is Speak up for your won well. Try to build up your own thoughts keeping criteria for success in mind.

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