Human trafficking to Human Rights: A distance far travelled

This article has been written by Bhavini Sharma a student at

Christ (Deemed to be ) University.

Women and Girls are generally dealt with the end goal of sexual and financial misuse, especially prostitution and erotic entertainment, constrained work, incorporating for work in business horticulture and homegrown work, organized relationships or to be 'sold' as women, enlistment for interest in threats and such related purposes as sexual administrations, portage and homegrown capacities in struggle circumstances. Trafficking has been an international crime since the commencement of globalization and the increase in demand of cheap labour. Human trafficking is a very serious offence that only only affects the life of victim but also of the people around them who get to face insecurities. In the current times it has been deeply impacting marginalized and minority groups because of their vulnerability and social status that has been given to them. Many organizations are working to combat trafficking but its not going to be a cake walk for anybody. There are many battles that are to be fought before we even begin our fight.

Why is Trafficking a serious Phenomenon?

The term ‘Human Trafficking’ is understood and debatable from the social, economic and political perspectives in bringing its contexts more liable. Camron (2008) termed ‘human trafficking’ as transporting and recruiting of humans through deception and coercion for the exploitation in pronouncing their own interests. In today’s world, many scholars have claimed and dened over the term ‘human trafficking’, but it’s never known to be enough and tted, but the debates on this term has been regularly acted upon the structural of its argument.In depth, the offender (traffickers) accuses mainly that leads to a comprehensive approach that juggle the feminists to abruptly speaking out intolerance under the theories of law and society. Women violence and its exploitation are violated sexually, being forced as prostitution. Uncertainly, this issue has become common lately and government aren’t taking serious actions on such violence, but there’re few actions that has been taken under a replacement policy in enabling the ladies cell or such communities to symbolize and influence eliminating on violence against women. Indian feminine governments are truly taking such actions, but the approval of the actions is stuck in the parliament and debates have been going on for many decades. In precise, when such violence and trafficking occur, it’s a stereotype that such approach would be demanding in abiding norms and values and it has been framed in about the issues that are solely and therefore the control in terms of human rights would treat under the doctrine of judiciaries.

Who are Vulnerable to Trafficking and why?

Anybody can become a victim of trafficking but the statistics show that there are target groups that are more vulnerable to trafficking. As per the research show, women and Children are the main target groups for the traffickers. There are various reasons for women and children being the main target . The first Notion is the deeply rooted patriarchy and male centric society. Our society even after years of education and development still cannot accept the fact that women are significant and have equal rights. The notion of male being powerful derives that women are weaker sections. In the Mathura Rape case, where judiciarys decision was deeply anticipated, this case gave us glimpse of male chauvinism and political stand of the government in our country. Especially the women who belong to the marginalized

Specifically, kids who have fled from home or minors without family uphold are bunches explicitly focused by human dealers for both sex and work. Incapable to secure themselves without family or other emotionally supportive networks, youngsters are defrauded all the more much of the time as they are regularly simpler to control than grown-ups, as per Omar Martinez, a lawyer, and M.P.H. at Columbia University. As indicated by an examination led by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, youngsters are focused for sex dealing with kid sexual entertainment, or prostitution. The individuals who are not exposed to sex dealing are regularly survivors of constrained work. Kids who get away from troublesome homes by fleeing frequently need emotionally supportive networks, instruction, and money related capacity to increase safe lodging and care, departing them defenseless against dealers.

Role of Culture, Customs, and Society.

Culture, Customs and Society are the major constituents of a civilization. They make up an individual's personality , help them in shaping their views but most importantly help them to be an individual. Culture is very subjective, it cannot be fixed or cannot go properly according to the norms and conditions. Lot of times the things that build become the reason for its destruction. Same case can be seen in women trafficking, where culture makes a women vulnerable to trafficking. In many societies women are treated as a tool for physical pleasure or for bearing children and when the mission is accomplished, they are left abandoned. In societies where women are treated inferior are the societies where women are mostly unsafe and subject to trafficking. It depends on the ideology that a culture belongs to. Trafficking becomes easy where people are conservative and women are kept below a man. Conservative societies do not promote awareness and education for women instead women are asked to stay at home and work in the household. In such cultures , the birth of a girl child is considered as a sin and generally are being killed in the fetus. Caste systems since ages have also become one of the major reasons. This hierarchy of caste systems has created a long gap between women of upper class and lower class.

Caste system has created a big problem even in creating alliances. People who have tried to go against this are considered outcasts and such are not welcomed in society. The issue arises with their children especially when it is a girl child. Such girls become vulnerable to trafficking later.

Customs are considered to be a sacred part of our lives. Even many laws are made in reference to customs (Hindu Marriage act). Lot of societies abide by these customs and follow them religiously. For these societies their customs are the rocks to their civilization , hard to break. Customs like girl marriage are very common.

Even though girls below the age of 18 are not allowed to get married, still this practice is common in rural areas.Became of early marriage the cases of teenage pregnancy also increase which creates problems during delivery , risking the girls health. In many families where there are more than 1 or 2 girl children, the next one is sold either as labor or slave. There are customs like devadasi where a woman is given to the temple and told that now she is the property of god. This gives an excuse to temple authorities to abuse the girls and push them into prostitution.

Sex Trafficking and Prostitution

[1]India is listed in the Tier II list of the United Nations which includes countries which have failed to combat human trafficking. India continues to be a source, destination and transit country for forced labor and sex trafficking. According to a report by the Ministry for Women and Child Development, India has nearly 2.5 million prostitutes in nearly 300,000 brothels in 1,100 red-light areas across the country. 90% or more estimated as in-country and 5 to 10% to cross-border trafficking, reported mainly from Bangladesh and Nepal. The routes of trafficking do not exclude Europe and specifically to UK and United States. Around 1.2 million children are involved in prostitution in India.

The trafficking of girls from Nepal into India for forced prostitution is perhaps one of the busiest slave sex trafficking routes anywhere in the world; with estimated 5,000-10,000 Nepali women and girls trafficked to India each year”.Prostitution and slavery remain the major reasons for women being trafficked. Today the form of slavery we

see is the modern world slavery but its end goal remains the same, exploitation of people. Slavery in a general sense means making the person work against their will. This was a very common practice during the colonial period but now it has taken the face of trafficking. Even after a lot of efforts by international organizations, women are still getting caught in the circle of slavery. Bonded labor is also a part of modern slavery.

Generally when a person is made to work in an inhumane situation and deprived of all the rights that a person is entitled to, is said to be the bonded labor. This practice has been increasing in India epically in the household industries. Women are seen as an easy target mainly those who are being abandoned by their families or from the weaker economic background and then they are threatened about consequences of running away , that’s why they never escape because of the fear of something bad happening to them despite of the fact that something worse is already happening to them.

Prostitute, a word that is termed as abusive, so imagine how would a prostitute be treated. Prostitution has been always considered a sinful profession that a women could do, but the question here arises is that why would a women go into a profession that would bring her nothing but pain and remorse?. No women would choose to do this until she is forced into this which is possibly the major reason why women enter this profession. Women are trafficked from one place and sold to other place as a sex slave where they are forced to sleep with other men , without her consent or we can say she is raped and abused. When a woman is pushed into prostitution, she no longer remains a human, she loses her individuality and becomes the puppet of someone’s hand. Prostitution makes women vulnerable to sexually transmitted diseases (STD) and other

health issues which makes their survival difficult and reduces their survival rate.

Online trafficking

This can be termed as the new technique by traffickers to trap young girls. With Increase in social media users the traffickers have shifted their route towards the internet which is making the internet an unsafe space for women. The traffickers keep a strict eye on the users interface and activities on social media that makes it easy for them to extract information about the woman. The traffickers either abduct the victim or best way , call them by giving them incentives. Lot of young girls are motivated by the modelling career which gives an excuse for traffickers to get these girls. Many groups are created on social sites for women who are into substance abuse that makes it easy for traffickers to recognize their weaknesses and trap them .There are times when the

accounts are being hacked or fake profiles are being used to call victims. Many porn sites also help in promoting trafficking that is why lot of sex slaved women are found through this way. It has become a dire need of the time to control our privacy settings and work towards making the internet a safer place for all.

The process of grooming plays an important part. This process is known to be popular in female child trafficking. In this process , the child aged 11-15 is found on social sites and keeps an eye on her activity. Then the trafficker befriends her and gains trust , soon the victim is asked to send nudes or videos with the trust that everything would be between the two but in reality, the video is sent to a large no of people in the trafficking circle. In some cases the girl is blackmailed and then asked to continue this process.


Trafficking is the second largest committed crime after drug dealing. This issue needs to be highlighted especially when it comes to women and children. There has to be commendable action to be taken when it comes to these kinds of crimes against women. What we saw was that there is not only one reason but so many reasons that are so rigid that few people cannot fight against this. We have to unite for this, we have to work together so that every girl born from now on earth can live freely and stay independent.

For this, to end we need to end patriarchy and work towards gender equality. We need to look at women as equals not inferiors. We need to improve our culture and give more respect to women. But before talking about the society we should start this from our homes.

We must not only protect but also look towards women who are rescued from trafficking. The government and NGOs should work more towards the rehabilitation of these women. They should be helped socially and economically to survive in a better way.



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