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Copyright Policy

  • Nyaayshastra Law Review papers are licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence ( The licence was created to encourage open access, or free, direct access to and unrestricted reuse of all forms of creative works. 

  • Authors retain the copyright for their publications under this licence but grant NLR a non-exclusive licence to publish the work in paper form and to allow anyone to reuse, distribute, and reproduce the content as long as the original work is correctly cited.

  • Simply referencing the source work is sufficient for proper attribution. The authors and publishers are not needed to give their permission. Users must make clear the licence terms under which the material was released before reusing or distributing it. 

  • Upon submission, the manuscript shall be the property of NLR. Henceforth, articles accepted for publication may be cross-published/republished. Such cross-publishing/republishing shall not require the prior consent of the author(s).

  • The authors' publications will be subject to the standard licence, which guarantees that they will be freely and openly available in perpetuity.

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