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Analysis Of Spears In Educational Institutions: Sexual Assault

Paridhi Butola, a law student at Banasthali Vidyapith University, Rajasthan.


Many cases of bullying, sexual assault, drug abuse, and many other evils in educational institutions are reported in India at many times. Even if many Anti-ragging laws have been made and are practised in our country, still ragging is the most common complaint of the students. Not only ragging but sexual assault and drug abuse are also the major problems that the students face. The educational institutions are facing a major issue regarding these drug abuses as most of the institutions don't take it seriously. for them it isn’t their family matter so it doesn't bother them. This prevents them from taking any major action against such students and they become addicted to these drugs and affecting other students as well. The Narcotic Drug and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 prevents an individual from manufacturing, consuming, purchasing, transporting drugs. The educational institutions are still facing this problem because no serious action had been taken for the prevention of drug abuse in college and school campuses. The threat of sexual assault is a topic of major concern, assault in educational institutions is being dealt with by University Grants Commission which protects the students from being assaulted on college and school campuses. But, still, the students face this problem as the college is not the only place where students learn. Many classes are planned out of the university campus like practical classes or survey classes or visiting various places to enhance the knowledge, Moreover, the students which do not have any residence in nearby places and are coming from faraway places to study had got no other option but to stay in hostels mainly the ones provided by the university. Most of the sexual assault happen in these hostels as the campus have no idea about the situation in these hostels. Through this research paper, I would like to convey that the problem of assault through molestation in educational institutions had become a major issue that needs to be settled and more strict actions should be taken for its prevention.



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