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Case Analysis: NALSA V. Union of India & Ors.

Aashna Sagar & Jatin Shivdasani students of Amity Law School, Noida.

Writ Petition No. 400 of 2012 with Writ Petition No. 604 of 2013

Jurisdiction: The Supreme Court of India.

Date of Decision: 15th of April, 2014.

Bench: K.S. Radhakrishnan, A.K. Sikri

This Judgement is focused on requesting redressal for grievances of the transgender community who seek a legal declaration for his or her identity and rights within the country and claims that non-recognition of their identities violate Article 14,15,16 and 21 of the Constitution. The transgender community contains Hijras, Eunuchs, Kothis, Aravanis, Jogappas, Shiv-Shaktis, etc., and that they as a bunch has to be compelled to face loads of issues, abuses concerning their gender and they're treated as untouchables. Thus, there's a requirement to alter the mentality of the individuals and to just accept this group as voters of our country with equal protection of rights secured by the constitution same as of different genders like male and female.



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