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Clinical Legal Education : An Overview

Deepinder Kaur & Prof. (Dr.) Simranjeet Kaur Gill, CT University, Ludhiana, Punjab.*


Clinical Legal Education is "learning by doing," and it is without a doubt that "Clinical Legal Education in India" should be made mandatory for all law schools in the country. Because law is a matter of transformation, it necessitates total self-transformation. Words will fall short of counting the benefits of Clinical Legal Education in India, but it must be said as a forceful concluding remark that if legal education is to survive, it must only be continued with a clinical curriculum. It would very certainly result in more career opportunities than the current legal education curriculum. The active participation of students under faculty leadership and supervision is a unique feature of the clinical method. Clinical legal education is intertwined with the larger purposes of law and justice education.

Keywords: Clinical, Bar Council, Lawyer, Justice, Legal Education


* Deepinder Kaur is a Research Scholar at CT University, Ludhiana, Punjab.

* Prof. (Dr.) Simranjeet Kaur Gill is the Principal at School of Law, CT University, Ludhiana, Punjab.

Clinical Legal Education - An Overview-NLR
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Year of Starting: 2020

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