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Lathangi. G, Harshinee. S & Abdul Rahim .S, Vellore Institute of Technology, Chennai


Every person has a faith and belief that leads to superstition. Sometimes practices carried on from ancient times are believed to be superstitious. They carry a certain scientific reason behind them. The paper points out how legal science which from the age of Enlightenment has been flourished as a torch against superstition and illogical beliefs.

Freedom of religion is considered a valuable possession of every individual. Constitution establishes the right to freedom of religion, belief, faith, thought, and expression of all these freedoms to all its citizens. At times, these expressions and beliefs become blind. People following such blind belief and faith in religion and practicing religious activities oversteps the human right of others to live with dignity and status.

This paper highlights the use of superstition in the legal system. The authors have also discussed anti-superstition law, freedom of religion and superstition and criticism pertaining to it.



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Abbreviation: NLR 

ISSN:   2582-8479 (O)

Year of Starting: 2020

Place: New Delhi, India

Accessibility: Open Access

Peer Reviewer: Double Blind



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