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Vishnu Gopal T V, Co-operative School of Law, Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala


India is a country which provides equal right for men and women. Our constitution is framed in such a manner to ensure every citizen irrespective of their caste, religion, raise, sex etc. can live in a peaceful manner. But the question that arise now a days while seeing the violence and rape attempts against women in news is that, does the aim that our constitutional framers had is achieved? The answer is undoubtfully ‘no’. The article just glimpses through the issues that women faces in the present India and also briefly explains about the law that exist to prevent such things. It also touches the various types of cybercrimes against women. The article is an attempt to summarize the crimes against women in India from a legal point of view



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Abbreviation: NLR 

ISSN:   2582-8479 (O)

Year of Starting: 2020

Place: New Delhi, India

Accessibility: Open Access

Peer Reviewer: Double Blind



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