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Ishika Jain, University of Petroleum and Energy Studies


The media plays a major role in forming an opinion in society maybe that is why it is considered as one of the pillars of democracy. Recently, the media has shown its power in the case of Sushant Singh Rajput where a family who is accused is already remarked as culprits by the process of media trial. This case is not the first in the list Indian media has many times shown that TRP is above some lives.

Media trial is one of the most talked-about words recently. The idea of a media trial is such that the media is successful in showing or proving events that were kept as secret or tried to be kept as secret. Many times, these trials can cause wrongful portrayal of the accused and can also destroy the career of the accused even before the court declare them guilt but sometimes the media trial is helpful in solving many cases or to give them lead for solving a case. Basically, everything has its positive and negative impact the same goes with media and its unofficial trials. The research article tries to actually recognize the advantage and disadvantages of media trail with the impact on today’s society and is media trials justified under the law?

Generally, Media trials are given under Article 19(1) which provide a fundamental right of Freedom of Expression. The right under Article 19 (1) gives the right to hold on to opinions without any interference and impart information, ideas without any kind of interruption. It is considered that Freedom to the Media is indirect Freedom given to the people.

KEYWORDS - Media trial, Media, Freedom of Speech, Democracy, Fundamental Right.


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