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by Sammyak Jain, Amity Law School, Noida


In these modern times breaking a strong bond like marriage could be so easy is possible in

Muslims only. A Muslim man can divorce his wife by merely pronouncing TALAQ three

times clearly if vocally, and even through writing a letter or on social media like Facebook,

mail and so.

This is called express TALAQ and when done does not allow both to rejoin, somehow, until

unless wife gets married to some other person and thereafter the new husband once again

divorces her giving rise to polygamy. Other religions treat marriage as a sacrament whereas

under Muslim law marriage is a civil and social contract.

Approved by a prophet, express TALAQ, also known as TALAQ-UL-SUNNAT is further

subdivided into i) TALAQ-E-AHSAN ii) TALAQ HASAN iii) TALAQ-E-BIDDAT.



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