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Unveiling the Power of Broadcasting Rights in Sports: A Game-Changer for Athletes, Fans, and Media

By Zainab Fatma, Aligarh Muslim University.*


The article explores the profound effect on rights of broadcasting in the world of sports. Nowadays sport’s organisations, athletes, and broadcasters can take advantage of the wide audience and lucrative opportunities provided by sports content thanks to the emergence of broadcasting rights as a key component of the sports sector. This article delves into the significance of broadcasting rights, highlighting their role in revenue generation, global exposure, athlete prominence, and sponsorship opportunities. It also examines the key players involved, such as sports organizations, broadcasters, and digital streaming platforms, and analyses the evolving landscape of sports broadcasting rights. While broadcasting rights offer numerous advantages, including financial stability and enhanced fan experiences, they also present challenges such as limited access, monopolistic practices, time zone considerations, and potential impacts on live event attendance. Striking a balance between commercial interests and fan accessibility is crucial for the sustainable growth and development of sports broadcasting in the dynamic media landscape.

"Broadcasting rights in sports have transformed the playing field, revolutionising the way athletes compete, fans engages, and media disseminate sports content. It is a power that transcends borders, connects global audiences, and fuels the financial engine of the sports industry. By unlocking the potential of broadcasting rights, we witness a game-changer that empowers athletes, captivates fans, and propels media to new heights."


* The author is pursuing LL.M. in Criminology from Aligarh Muslim University.

Unveiling the Power of Broadcasting Rights in Sports- A Game-Changer for Athletes, Fans a
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Year of Starting: 2020

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