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White Collar Crimes – A Detailed Analysis

Siya Puri & Prof. (Dr.) Simranjeet Kaur Gill, School of Law, CT University, Ludhiana.*


This article investigates a detailed examination on white collar crime in India. In addition, to comprehending the gravity of white-collar crime in our nation. White collar crime is defined as offence done by qualified citizens from a wealthy social class during the days of their course of employment. The researcher has what distinguishes white collar crime from regular offences in this article. It is also known as the crime of the knowledgeable and highly qualified upper class. In this study, the researcher goes over the different kinds of white-collar crimes that have emerged in India over the past couple of years. Also, how it has evolved into a socioeconomic violence. Aside from that, there are crimes committed by people in various professions, such as medicine, training, and law. The paper demonstrates different Indian laws that address the sanctions for these kinds of offences.

White collar crime is defined as an offence committed by people from the upper sector of society and from a respectable subset of society. This crime occurs in the scope of employment. People committing this violent act typically have an improved knowledge of technology, their corresponding field, specialisms, and so on. White collar crime has changed massively in the last few years. They are also seen as dedicated in large organisations that cover a variety of programs. Thus, we can say that these offences are common to trade, marketing, training, health etc. Since the criminal pattern has shifted dramatically in the last few years, conventional crimes in the country have been partially replaced by white-collar crimes. The major distinction among white and blue violent act is that blue crime offenders are from the impoverished section of society, whereas white collar crime offenders are from the higher class and break a law in a quite effective fashion. They retain their social standing until the crime is revealed.

Keywords: Embezzlement, Copyright Infringement, Corporate Crimes, Fraud, Money Laundering.


* Siya Puri is pursuing LLM from School of Law, CT University, Ludhiana. * Prof. (Dr.) Simranjeet Kaur Gill is Principal at School of Law, CT University, Ludhiana.

White Collar Crimes – A Detailed Analysis- NLR
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